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Tuesday September 12

FreshPizza Manresa


Offer: Family €5

Today Family Pizza of 1ing for only €5!!

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  • - Choose: Web, App Android, App iOS, or all three.
    Although Apps are very popular, to have greater visibility on the Internet, it is highly recommended to have your own Web. The Web is accessible from any device and does not require a previous download and installation. and installation on a mobile phone or tablet, they are not available for computer and that limits your visibility.
  • - Custom design: Your menu, photos*(1), location, schedules...


  • - Your Domain: .es, .com, .cat... (we hire you if you do not have it)
  • - Required hardware: A computer to receive orders (an optional printer).


  • - Rate Monthly from 89€/month. (Includes Design, Installation and Maintenance Up to 200 orders/month, from there + €0.45/order).
  • - One only payment from 400€. (Only Design and Installation).*(2)

*(1) The photos are optional (You can make the Web or App without photos). If you need us to take the photos, it is billed separately.

*(2) From €400 only Web or just one App. (If you choose the three Web + App Android + App iOS from €999) Without maintenance, the cost of the host is directly invoiced to you by the platform

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